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Enjoy the best of analytics with expert support

Our experts help you get started and customize our platform.


Tackle HR challenges with confidence

HR management takes on complex organizational problems, such as retention, diversity, and talent acquisition. People analytics is your roadmap to smarter decisions for real change and results that translate into motivated employees, a thriving corporate culture and, ultimately, next-level company performance.

Data to back your instincts… and actions

Thanks to our pre-built analysis tools, you can quickly identify strengths and uncover strategic opportunities for action. Stop wasting time sorting through numbers and spreadsheets and skip to what truly matters and impacts your organization.

Powered by 350 performance indicators 


Our platform features over 350 pre-configured and standardized indicators, 58 of which are part of the ISO’s 30414 Human Capital Reporting. Want your own KPIs too? Add as many as you like! 










Get intel straight from the source, your people


Thanks to our embedded survey module, you can poll your employees to learn more about what motivates them. This feedback is delivered as a complete report you can cross-reference with your HR performance indicators to guide your strategies and initiatives.

Step up your HR game


Kara’s user-friendly open platform makes it effortless to create premium HR dashboards and reports. Best of all, you get to know your people, which enables you to make strategic decisions with confidence. Think of Kara as the extra HR resource that gives your team an edge!

Shift from reactive to proactive with predictive analytics

We run your raw data through our AI learning models to produce correlations, predictions and even recommendations. That means staying ahead of the game by always knowing where you stand, where you’re headed and what’s coming your way.


Get started with minimal effort, no red tape

Our simplified onboarding process includes step-by-step support and access to a team of HR analytics experts. We’ll have your first dashboards up and running in a matter of days. Your business strategies or priorities have changed? Everything can easily be redesigned; we’ll add the new data sources and indicators you need.

Bring the intel you need into play

Bring the intel you need into play


With our pre-built dashboards and solutions, you can quickly produce and customize reports to share with your teams. Since our open platform is all about freedom, you can also create your own dashboards and reports and plug them into your favorite visualization tools such as Power BI.


Make your data work for you

Kara seamlessly integrates data from any tech you’re running (ADP, Ceridian, UKG, SAP SuccessFactor, Workday, etc.). Turn data from disparate sources into clear insights. You can even import external data for a richer analysis or build your own predictive solutions to guide decision-making.

Know where you stand, so you can stand out


Our platform hosts data from the HR Barometer, a benchmarking tool offered by the CRHA. Measure your results against other industry players based on 11 performance indicators.


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