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The most influential people to follow to stay on top of HR analytics news

In recent years (particularly since the COVID-19 pandemic), we've seen the emergence of People analytics in Quebec. Whereas this field of expertise was little known (and recognized) just ten years ago, we now find that almost 75% of organizations in the province are using People Analytics at various levels. As we often say, if you want to optimize talent management, improve efficiency, reduce costs or enhance the employee experience, People Analytics is a must-have tool to help. However, adopting People Analytics is not without its challenges, and that's where some experts in the field can help.


One of the People Analytics influencers I invite you to follow is Jason Averbook. Author of the books HR from Now to Next and The Ultimate Guide to a Digital Workforce Experience, he is a recognized analyst, thought leader and speaker on human resources, the future of work and the role of technology in talent development.


One of the leading influencers in People analytics is, without question, Josh Bersin. He is a renowned HR analyst, often exploring the ways in which emerging technologies, such as machine learning and integrated HR information systems, can transform talent management. His forward-looking vision drives companies to innovate and stay competitive.


David Green is a recognized People analytics consultant and speaker. He offers a series of webinars and articles detailing the best practices for implementing People Analytics projects. These resources are invaluable for companies wishing to improve their data-driven decision-making processes.


For many, People Analytics can seem complex and intimidating. Some experts help make these concepts more accessible. This is particularly true of Bernard Marr, an author and big data strategist, who explains how companies can start using People Analytics with simple tools and data they already have.


Dr John Sullivan, one of the most respected opinion leaders in the HR field, regularly publishes articles on innovations in People Analytics, such as the use of artificial intelligence for recruitment or predictive analytics for employee retention. By staying informed thanks to experts like Dr John Sullivan, HR professionals can adapt their strategies to market developments.


And for French-language information on People Analytics: Andrée Laforge. Andrée is passionate about business intelligence, performance indicators and human capital. She offers a wide range of content to assist organizations wishing to implement a People Analytics initiative, in addition to hosting various forums on the subject. Her clear explanations and concrete examples help demystify People Analytics and encourage its wider adoption.


In short, if you want to stay abreast of innovations in People analytics, but also guide your HR practices to new heights, I recommend following the leading influencers in this field. Thanks to their expertise, they decipher trends, share best practices, demystify complex concepts, promote innovation and build dynamic communities.



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