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Do you know what is the number one reason why you should implement People analytics?

❤ Simply put, to improve your organization's performance (not just HR performance, but ALL organization performance)! And some studies back it up!

❤ According to a study by Deloitte, companies that use People analytics experience an average three-year profit that is 82% higher than their counterparts who do nothing (or little) with their HR data. 82% is huge!

❤ This same study also showed that companies that do People analytics (and that doesn't mean publishing a few metrics every quarter - although that's a start) demonstrate a clear link between sound talent management, cost reduction, and efficiency gains.

❤ Undeniably, organizations with a high level of People analytics maturity report better financial results than those with little analytics maturity.

So what are you waiting for ❓

✔ Unfortunately, HR drags behind other areas - sales, marketing, finance, operations, IT - in using analytics. Yet, more and more studies are showing the undeniable value of analytics in driving businesses forward when adopted by the HR team.

✔ Want to move forward in People analytics, want to position yourself on an HR analytics maturity model, stay tuned! I'll have plenty of advice for you in 2023!



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