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Kara: the HR solution to increase employee retention and recruitment efficiency

After ten years of hard work to make People analytics a strategic tool for HR professionals, the caterpillar has turned into a butterfly: SYNTELL HUMAN Capital has become Kara ! After years of listening to customers, consulting with HR technology gurus, and examining the competition, we concluded that we needed to rebuild our product from the ground up. The foundations, architecture, and interfaces were rethought, redesigned, and optimized for the benefit of organizations and HR professionals.

Make your HR data intelligent and easily accessible

But while the new interface and name are eye-catching, it's what's behind it (when you look under the hood) that took the most work and thought. What makes me smile is when people tell me "We're going to use Power BI on our HR data to build all of our HR analytics and dashboards". Why does that make me smile? Because using a visualization tool like Power BI is great, but the HR data is complex, more complex than you might think. There are years of know-how and expertise under the hood. It's no small feat! Kara enables organizations to use data to address talent management issues and achieve their goals faster. Here's how our People analytics solution allows you to make your HR data smart, easily accessible, and fast to use!

Gather all your HR data and external data

First, HR data is everywhere in your organization. It is scattered across multiple systems (even those with so-called "integrated" systems). In addition, some data may be outside your organization. Kara can aggregate data not only from your HRIS, but also from your other systems: applicant management (ATS), talent management, onboarding management, learning management (LMS), payroll management, and all the survey tools that may exist in your organization. In addition, Kara can integrate data external to your organization, such as benchmarks, government data, or market data.

Clean and validate your data

Secondly, Kara uses ETL (extract, transform, and load) tools to help transform your data into consistent information, because multiple data sources inevitably mean inconsistency between the different sources. For example, how do you know that applicant #345 in your ATS is employee #56 in your HRIS? Kara helps you clean and validate your data by providing reports that guide you through the corrections that need to be made in your source system. Remember, there is no such thing as perfect data! Kara allows you to follow your employees throughout their life cycle in the organization, from the moment they were candidates to the day they decide to leave you. The notion of time is extremely important in People analytics. Because if you don't have "Big Data" in HR, you have "Long Data".

Organize your data

Thirdly, the data model behind Kara allows you to organize data into different entities (like an employee for example) and to link the different events that will happen to the employee during his or her life within your organization (promotion, training, salary increase, etc.). In addition, different dimensions will be linked to this same employee which will allow you to segment your analyses. By dimensions, I mean age, seniority, job group, location, and many others. Don't forget the different performance indicators that will already be pre-calculated. There are more than 350 performance indicators in Kara and this number continues to grow. These indicators are already inside our MOLAP cube and their calculation formula is based on either the ISO 30414 standard (Human Capital Assessment Guidelines) or best business practices.

Compare with external data (benchmark)

This data model allows you to bring in external data to compare your performance indicators to a recognized benchmark in the market.

Finally, Kara is an open platform where you can take the data transformed by Kara and bring it into your business intelligence and analytics tools at any time. With Kara, you don't create an HR data silo, you accelerate your mastery of HR data.

Enjoy the benefits of an HR intelligence and analytics platform

I've simplified a lot of what's under the hood, but it gives you an idea of how much work it takes to get there. There are plenty of other things that Kara allows you to do, and here we're talking more about the interface, the features, and the analytics that you have access to.

· Configure and customize your dashboards based on a multitude of indicators and visuals that are available and at your fingertips.

· Analyze prevalent situations in your organization, whether we are talking about turnover/retention, absenteeism, mobilization, recruitment, or training, pre-built analyses are there to help you put your finger on the problem.

· Cross-reference turnover, absenteeism, internal mobility, and mobilization information to anticipate problems before they happen.

· Use all the power of our predictive models to project your bearing into the future and allow you to take the right actions.

· Listen to what your employees have to say with our integrated survey module. This allows you to obtain qualitative information throughout the employee lifecycle, from the onboarding survey to the exit interview. The strength of Kara is that you can then cross-reference your qualitative (survey) data with all your other HR data.

· Use a third-party application to build your reports (Power BI, Tableau, Qlik, and others). In addition, given our technology choices, the Power BI application is seamlessly integrated with Kara.

I am certainly forgetting things and I haven't even told you about our roadmap and what our next developments will look like. Kara is still evolving and growing! One thing is for sure, Kara is an amazing product, but you'll be supported by an equally amazing team. SYNTELL Human Capital is dead, long live Kara, the People analytics solution powered by the people of SYNTELL.



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